Professional Skypper Antenna


ProSkypper is the professional evolution of the lightest 3-element yagi antenna model, perfect for portable radio activity thanks to its low weight and extreme ease of transport and assembly.
The professional skypper antenna is made with top quality materials that respect the technical characteristics to obtain the best performance, with particular attention to strength and lightness.
With very lightweight it is possible to achieve the same or better performance of the classic 3-element yagi antennas model, with an extraordinary advantage for easy transport and assembly.

Available models:

Skypper Classic mod. 9074.pro11C
11M band with fiberglass mast, 125cm long when closed. Diameter of the central pole: 25mm
(mod. 9074.pro10C for 10M band)

Price: €185.00

Skypper Alluminium mod. 9074.pro11A
11M band with alluminium mast, 125cm long when closed. Diameter of the central pole: 30mm
(mod. 9074.pro10A for 10M band)

Price: €195.00

Skypper Small mod. 9074.pro11S
11M band small version, only 65cm long when closed. Diameter of the central pole: 25mm
(mod. 9074.pro10S for 10M band)

Price: €235.00

The prices does not include shipping costs

The ProSkypper is a home-made and hand-built antenna using commercial components, with the experience of years of radio activity in portable and self-construction that makes the antenna reliable and performing.

Assembly parts


Gain: 12.51 dBi 
F/B: 20.23 dB
Peak Gain: 12.1 dBi
Gain at 10m above Ground: 12.51 dBi
Power Rating: 1,5 kW Pep whit PL connector
SWR: Below 1.5:1 (7mt up the ground)
Range: mod.11 27.350<>27.850, mod.10 28.100<>28.600
Boom Length: 5,04 mt
Weight: 2,0 kg
Turning Radius: 2,60 mt
Wind Survival: 50 km/h

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Delivery times depend on destination: shipping to Italy takes from 2 to 5 working days, shipping outside Italy takes 5 to 10 days depending on destination.
Shipping costs are calculated based on the destination, always choosing the least expensive and most efficient service.

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